Paula Abdul Vs. Britney

Is this better than Britney, or worse?


Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?

The Carol Channing doll version:

The original:

Incidentally, you may wanna watch the rest of the show, the next singer is as mad as a brush, and can't sing for toffee!


Do You Need Lessons?

Oh baby, i've never seen anything less sexy in my life.

Lick it.

If You Dare To Call Britney A 'Ho......

....Yo' ass gon' get beat down!

There was a girl outside 'Les Deux' nightclub the other night, who upon seeing Britney leave, called her a ho and told her to get back to her kids.

The other girls outside the club, did not agree.

Click here to see one girl, get beaten, by many many other girls.

Her poor, poor weave.


Entertainment Anytime.

Click here

Prisoner Cell Block H

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. Everything is fabulous, the clothes, the music, the hair, the fucking lot!

Coleen's leaving party (the Freak gets ignored, her outfit ruined, and then storms out!):

Chrissy Latham Siege:

Prisoner - Where Are They Now?

Madonna In Cannes

I'm in the mood to reminisce.

Madonna & Sandra Bernhardt!

Bush & Cheney - The Dukes Of Hazzard

Men On Fitness.

This is major.

iPhone? No! Penis Phone!

Click to enlarge, as it were.

The Fat Man!

This is a fat man, and click here for his very entertaining and slightly sickening website.


If You're Not Blessed Like Me....

....then maybe you need THIS!

America Has Most Certainly Got Talent.

To Both Amuse & Arouse (probably)

Super Funk!

Incidentally, notice the music used for the videos. If you ever wondered why M.I.A's much overrated album sounded so original, you only have to hear the original versions of the tracks she copied.


There's So Much Wrong With This Story.

The first line is:

A Brisbane woman stabbed a male friend twice in the shower after he refused to stop masturbating in front of her children.

Click here to continue reading.

Gay Unicorn.

My Next House.

This shit is fo reals y'all!

Best Playground Toy Ever!

Boo Hoo!



Rare Madonna!


Guy Ritchie interviews The Only One That Matters.


This is hilarious!

Kylie trying to be sexy, and i mean really trying. Her label had made her watch every Madonna interview in the world, and then told her to try her best. She also claims to be 23 years old while she's doing it.

Poor thing.

Bunion. Victoria Beckham. Bunion.

Saw this on DListed earlier and so had to post it too. It's too funny.

Here goes:


There's a price to pay when you wear stiletto heels every single day, bunions. Posh Beckham has allegedly been telling friends that her nasty ass feet are bother the hell out of her ass that she has to get them operated on.

A source close to Posh said, "Victoria has had enough of having bad feet and has made some early-stage enquiries about having her rather unpleasant bunions removed. It is something she will probably have done in the States when the family is fully settled in LA."

Posh has also said in the past that she hates her fugly ass feet.

Blech. She should get a rat to chew that shit off. I'm sure Tom Cruise would chew it off for free if Becks jizzed on em.

Source: Daily Mail

The Absolute Joy of Photoshop.

What a joy the following posts are. I've found a site called planethiltron.com and it's amazing. It produces pictures like these.





And more...


And more...